Thursday, May 27, 2010

We got our first question!

Someone inquired about our P-FAB technique (permanent filler augmentation of the buttocks).

Can this procedure be custom tailored to suit the desired shape of the buttocks? For instance, a rounder shape for men?

Our answer: Absolutely. Since this is done gradually, we can tailor it to the patient's wishes. The David Beckham, Shannon Brown, J-Lo or Beyonce P-FAB models are all in the showroom for a test drive and ownership!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

P-FAB Butt Contouring Takes Center Stage

Dr. Hamilton has developed a non-surgical butt enhancement procedure that can produce dramatic changes in the buttock profile gradually and naturally over a period of a few months.

Dr. Hamilton, who is co-author of the international best seller, "Beverly Hills Beauty Secrets," uses a permanent filler combination which is administered every 2 months, generally for 6 months. The buttock tissue enlarges naturally to achieve the desired contour. A J-Lo or Beyonce enhancement might be the goal or something more subtle. Less dramatic contours may only require less than 3 sessions. Dr. Hamilton does not use silicone for any of his augmentations. He uses only FDA approved long duration permanent fillers by injection only.

"There is a shifting in the aesthetic culture," says Dr. Hamilton. "Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez have definitely influenced our perceptions of female body beauty. The sensual look is definitely in. The stick is dead! Long live the curve!"

Dr. Hamilton has been treating women from all walks of life from adult film stars to surburban housewives. What previously was only achieved through risky scarring surgery is now attainable gradually and safely.


Hello everyone!

Welcome to our new blog. Dr. Douglas Hamilton is a well-known dermatologist with offices in the Los Angeles area. He is also the co-author of the international best seller, “Beverly Hills Beauty Secrets” (John Wiley ’09). We are looking to use this as a forum for techniques & procedures going on in the dermatology world with articles, tips, and frequently asked questions, so send us anything you want to know about cosmetic and medical dermatology and look for an answer here!

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