Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Too long between posts!

It's been a long while since our last post, don't leave it that long to get your moles checked!

Now that Summer is over, here is a friendly reminder to visit us and have your moles examined. Call (818) 884-7150 or (310) 271-6663 to schedule your appointment.

IF YOU HAD TO CHOOSE WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING CANCERS WOULD YOU PICK TO HAVE (I.E. WHICH HAVE THE BETTER PROGNOSIS?): Breast cancer, prostate cancer, or malignant melanoma (mole cancer). Your answer should be either of the first two. Malignant melanoma, unlike the other two, is, untreated, a fast and sure killer, which, unlike breast and prostate cancer’s is not dependent upon tissue type for its prognosis.  

FOR WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING CANCERS IS EARLY TREATMENT THE ONLY FACTOR DETERMINING PROGNOSIS AND SURVIVAL? Breast cancer, prostate cancer, or malignant melanoma. Answer: malignant melanoma. Early diagnosis for the others is actually less important than the tissue type (which is often worse in younger individuals).  

CAN MELANOMA BE DIAGNOSED EARLY ENOUGH FOR COMPLETE CURE? Answer: Absolutely. Early characteristics of melanoma (color change – particularly a purplish hue in a mole; border irregularity) allow dermatologists to remove the tumor early enough to yield above a 95% success rate in achieving no recurrence or spread.  

WHAT IS THE FASTEST INCREASING CANCER IN THE UNITED STATES? Answer: Malignant melanoma. WHAT DOES IT FEEL LIKE? Nothing – they are usually flat. Malignant melanoma must be diagnosed with the eye, not the finger.


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