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More Do's and Don't for the New Year

When it comes to skincare do’s and don’ts, we like to think we’ve got it all under control. Pointers such as ‘do take your makeup off before bed’ and ‘don’t use hand soap as a facial cleanser’ are mantras, widely known and rehearsed by us all. However, these are not the only tips that we should know about the health of our skin. First, make sure that you are visiting the write medical practitioner. A primary care physician is not as specialized as a Dermatologist. If there are any doubts about diagnosis of a primary care physician, make an appointment with a Dermatologist or your physician may refer you to a Dermatologist. Don’t be fooled by so-called Dermatologist. There are far too many therapists advertising themselves as dermatologists out there. Dermatologists are doctors who, after their general medical University degree, have completed a formal higher specialist training in dermatology. Don’t feel afraid to ask for credentials of the dermatologist.
A facial may do more harm …