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Not only Athlete's get Athlete's foot!

Tinea pedis ("athlete's foot") is the most common fungal infection seen in developed countries.

Anyone can develop the infection and the appearance of athlete's foot can vary from person to person.

Signs of infection are dryness, peeling, scaling, or cracking skin between the toes or along the sides of the feet or under the sole.

Prevention tips:
Wash your feet thoroughly every dayKeep your feet clean and dry Wear clean socks - change them every dayAt home, expose your feet to the air whenever possibleThrow out old shoes and never share shoes with othersWear flip flops in public areas such as the gym or school locker rooms, shower room, or public baths.

It's a new year; time to schedule your annual full-body skin exam.

The annual skin exam (for those who have never had an atypical mole) takes about 10 minutes. 
Be sure to ask questions or get explanations for anything you may not understand.  A biopsy may be performed on any suspicious looking growths.
How to prepare for your routine full-body skin examination: Remove all nail polish from your fingernails and toenails - skin cancers can form under nails and nail beds.Perform a full-body self-exam - note anything new, changed, or causing you concern. If you are unsure about how to perform a self-exam, ask your dermatologist to show you how.
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