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Acne Scar Treatments

For those with a limited number of wide superficial scars, fillers, such as Artefill (permanent), can be used with improvement seen immediately.Dr. Hamilton is the American pioneer in Artefill treatments, having treated the first patients in the U.S. in 1997.

More extensive and deeper scars are treated very successfully with the Fraxel laser in a 5 treatment series that does not require any downtime.  Improvement is visible in most patients within approximately 4 weeks.

We treat many patients with acne scars, many of whom are quite severe and whose lives are markedly improved by these treatments.


What is the difference between MELANOMA and SKIN CANCER?
This is a question often asked or implied though it could be phrased better with more information. 

Actually, melanoma IS a skin cancer, though by far the least common.  Less than 1% of all skin cancers are melanomas, though it is the most dangerous. The other 2 types : basal and squamous are usually not fatal; melanoma almost always is if left untreated.

Melanomas also are not as related to sun exposure as the more common skin cancers: they may occur anywhere on the skin, including the fingers, toes, scalp, genitals, & within the eye.