Screening for Cancer.

Doctors are trained in the art and science of treating symptoms.  Symptoms are our bodies ways of announcing disease.  In short, internally we are often a day late and a dollar short.

Dermatology is beautifully different: we can see evidence of early pathology by examining the organ (skin) directly.  The average dermatologist by recognizing and removing abnormal moles saves 2-3 patients' lives per month since these moles would evolve into uniformly fatal malignant melanomas ("mole cancers") with the patient dying within a few years.

Risk factors include fair skin, fair hair, blue eyes, and to a lesser degree excessive sun exposure.  Evolving tumors, when removed early, are 100% curable; 100% fatal when removed late.  

A yearly full cutaneous exam on all patients would essentially prevent this fatal disease (the fastest increasing cancer in the U.S) from exacting its toll.


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