The answer is "yes" but know the facts:

#1 There are 2 major competitors:
Thermage (potency was increased a few years ago) & Ulthera. Thermage is radiofrequency, which by heating loose collagen fibers deep in the skin, causes them to gradually curl over a 6 month period & therein produce skin tightening (without any down time), in some cases quite dramatic.
Ulthera is ultrasound & attempts to do the same: it was sold to many physicians who expected the FDA to approve it (to allow the company itself to advertise it for tightening). However, in the pivotal phase 3 FDA trials the FDA stopped the trials midway indicating that it could not be shown to work. The doctors who had bought the Ulthera equipment had little financial options other than continuing to offer it. We have Thermage & had used Ulthera before the FDA decision.

#2 Surgery (at least on the face & neck) is always more predictable than use of a non-invasive device but obviously is associated with considerable downtime (healing) & greater expense than the non-invasive. Many patients either don't need face/neck lifts or want to evaluate how satisfied they are without it, wanting to see their degree of improvement from Thermage.

Our office is different than most cosmetic procedure centers: we offer #1 & #2. All of our M.D. staff physicians are board certified in plastic surgery or dermatology.
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