20 year-olds not shying away from cosmetic procedure

In 2013 ASDS Survey of Dermatological Procedure showed an increase in twenty-something year-old use of wrinkle-relaxing procedure and soft-tissue filler.

With cosmetic treatment being such a predominant method of aging in the media this generation has come to think of it as the societal norm. They understand that lifestyle routines play a part in how we age and these cosmetic treatments are not a solution to aging but a preventative measure. For them there is nothing wrong with getting older but if there are ways to avoid it a little longer there is no harm in using them.

Among the most common procedures for twenty-something’s is Botox for smooth skin and relax wrinkles. Juverderm is also used to soften facial creases and fuller lips.

Dermatologists do warn that these procedures are not meant for individuals to drastically change their look. There needs to be balance between chasing age and enhancing the features we have. 


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