Eye Shadows/ Dark Circles

99% are due to the skin below the eye not having enough support, therein producing a valley or depression.This yields a shadow. NO CREAM HELPS THIS- unless it has a makeup concealer in it to hide the defect.It has NOTHING to do with color or vessels. Over 50 % of people have this condition. Test this tonight by moving the nearby skin to " fill in" the valley and see the improvement immediately! . Surgery is not an answer: Restylane filler is. It is essentially painless due to a prior application of a strong topical anesthetic cream; bruising is generally absent or minimal. It is also the most cost effective procedure in cosmetic medicine, since in this area of the face it typically lasts 18-36 months ( unlike moveable areas around the mouth ). Look for our You-Tube video in Oct, 2014 under " Dark Eye Shadows "


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